Ep. 05 – Kindergarten

Wendie gets excited about Gracie’s first day of school, the home school curriculum she’s chosen, and joins Dave in reminiscing their own experiences in kindergarten.

Ep. 04 – Our Trucking Life

The podcast begins anew after multiple months away. Now Wendie joins me as we talk about my new job and the good and bad that come with it each week. I also quiz Wendie on what to say on the CB in a little game I like to call “Trucker Lingo”.

Dave Still Lives Here

It’s been almost four months since I recorded an episode of the show and I apologize. I’ve been told not to say sorry when it’s been a while between episodes, but I feel the need to do so and explain why the show faded.

For one, I didn’t have anything to talk about. It isn’t because I didn’t have anything to ve thankful for, but it felt very self-indulgent to continue talking about myself. I also got through that phase of depression and didn’t feel the need to keep talking about it.

Second, I started a new job, which on one hand is a Godsend, and the other keeps me from getting episodes recorded regularly for either of my podcasts. It won’t always be that way, but for now it is.

Finally, my wife and I are talking about changing the format (and the title) of the show, as she will be joining me in discussing life I’m this new stage we are currently. I’ll keep you posted and will hopefully have an episode within the next couple of weeks where Wendie and I talk about everything.

Thanks for supporting me, my wife, and the show. We truly appreciate it!

Ep. 03 – Hey Baby!

I took a few weeks off to tend to a very important event in my life and now it’s time to talk about it. In addition to that big news, I have to give a humongous shout-out to my friends Fizz, Matt, and Daniel, who stepped up and took the reigns for a couple episodes of Geek This! while I was away. I have some good friends!

Ep. 02 – Socks

For the week of February 17, 2014 – February 23, 2014.

Thingy-things I jabbered about in this episode:

  • A surprise tax check
  • Chipotle’s Quesorito
  • My new laptop
  • Gracie’s “Big Sister” gift
  • The people of Walmart
  • My freaking awesome socks
  • Gracie’s and my trip to the local toy store and comic shop
  • My brother’s Street Shark vs my face
  • A birthday surprise for Wendie’s mom
  • Steam
  • Lots of house cleaning

What I Learned: Serving your family is amazing; not just for them, but for you, too! It’s rewarding for you, too.

Scripture: Acts 20:35 - “In everything I showed you that by working hard in this manner you must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He Himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”

Photo Credit: timshef-74 via Compfight cc

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